10 Best Apps For Achieving Goals

Apps For Achieving Goals

There are times when you need to find motivation. People might turn their back on you, but if that stops you from seeing the path to your goals; it would prevent you from everything for good. Also, doing something more significant in life requires saying motivated. While pursuing your goal, you can seek help from some great apps that would get you the needed motivation – at least make an effort to do so. Smartphone app stores have now reached a whole lot of such apps; you get to find them out. Here is our assortment of best apps for achieving goals.


This app would make you make some cute habits that make your relationships and your personal life better. For example, you would eventually make flossing your teeth or hugging your wife a regular practice. By nightfall, you would have to check if you have done all these tasks. If you follow the app, you will turn into a better person. Also, encourage others using the comment feature.

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Habit Streak

Making habits is a choice. You get to perform some daily task over a definite amount of time, and that gets into your daily task list. The app Habit Streak performs almost identical job to “Lift”, but this one is for the Android peeps out there. And like Lift; Habit Streak is free as well.

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Beeminder will sting you like a bee if you don’t complete a goal in time. Not literally a bee sting but a deduction of money from your financial account in real life; no virtual game deal. You set reminders for incentives like quitting smoking, going out for a run, eating less and many more; you have to do them. If you don’t, the app will deduct money in three denominations – $5, $10 and $30.

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It’s not an app for mountaineering. Instead, the app lets you achieve your goals. The app shows dots on its interface to point out how many goals you need to complete to get to your specific purpose. During your goal-reaching journey, you can store photos, videos quotes or scribble down some of your jotted thoughts. You can see other users’ progress as well and find motivation in the comments section.

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This iOS app lets you set a goal and gives you document your journey as you progress through your goals. To keep track of your trip, you put dots on each step you complete, and this draws something like a graph plot. No matter what your goal is; like learning to swim or drive, or learn a new language; could even be winning a girl’s heart. Other users of the app can lend their hands if you are stuck somewhere via the comments section. The app is yet to hit iTunes app store; will be available soon.

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Getting stuck on your journey towards completing goals would often get you caught at some points. You would stay stuck there for hours, days or weeks and this could get very difficult to get unstuck. But here’s the app as your saviour; now you can deal with these never-ending stuck moments. Other users will assist you if you need through the comments section. This app is developed for iPad.

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Feeling down because you haven’t made remarkable progress while trying to reach your goal? Well, look back at the positive outputs you have ever made. You could cheer yourself up by sharing a positive memory like a photo or maybe just a chit you have scribbled on your device screen. Doing this thrice a day would cheer you up – according to some researches. And like most other apps, you get to seek other people’s help using the comment feature.

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This is indeed a costly app for both the iOS and Android platforms. You have to pay $89.99 to avail the features that MoodTune offers. But indeed, this app does what it is supposed to do very precisely and effectively. This app will treat your downtime when you go through depression, anxiety or stress issues. The app has been developed by intense research on neuroscience and would perform tasks to relieve some brain functions. All you have to do is 30 minutes of exercise following the app’s instructions.

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Stress Check

Stress isn’t a good thing for your health. To remain healthy, you must find out whether you are stressed out or not. While this is mostly a physician’s job to find out; your smartphone can help you out nearly perfectly. The Stress Check app would use your phone’s camera and light sensor features to determine if you are stressed or not. Then, there are few exercises to give you relief. After all, you can’t be stressed to stay focused on achieving your goal.

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While progressing through your ‘things to achieve’ list, you can’t get distracted. Your brain should stay sharp awake all the time and aware of its surroundings. You need some specific exercises to improve your brain skills like memorising capability, attention and focusing capability, problem-solving skills, speed and flexibility etc. You can find these all in a place on the Lumosity app. It is available on the iOS platform and comes for free.

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If you take these apps seriously and follow them on a regular basis, no one would be able to stop you from achieving your goals. But above all, you need to make your brain and mind stay focused during the whole time. If you don’t feel the vibe from within you, achieving goals would never happen.

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