10 Essential Home Organization Tips That Will Transform Your Life

10 Essential Home Organization Tips That Will Transform Your Life

Everyone dreams of having the magazine worthy, picture-perfect home. But that could never be your home. Or could it? Simple home organization can transform any home from cluttered and unkempt to clean and cozy.

Add some fresh paint and some creativity and your home could easily rival those of magazine covers and viral Internet photos.

Don’t think so?

Read on and implement these top 10 tips of home organization and let us prove you wrong!

The Basics

Before we get to the home organization tips, we need to quickly go through the basics of any beautiful, well-kept home.

First, aside from organization, keep your home clean and mess free.

Second, sometimes less is more. Maybe home organization means purging some old furniture and junk laying around the house.

Third, a home that smells good feels good. Keep your home smelling fresh and clean.

Finally, rooms need to feel spacious and brightly lit. Keep as much natural light coming in through your windows as possible. It adds life to the home!

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1. Shelf Space

One of the most under-utilized tactics in home organization is efficient shelf storage. Well organized shelves are not only super efficient, but they can also be very aesthetically pleasing.

First, put on a fresh coat of paint. It immediately brightens things up and makes it feel new and clean.

Second, add some books to the shelf. It adds a sophisticated feel, even if it’s just the entire Harry Potter series! (P.S. there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!)

Mainly, the shelf needs to be well organized. Remember, there’s a fine line between using a shelf to its full potential and creating a cluster of clutter.

2. Wall Space

Another part of peoples’ homes not taken advantage of in home organization is wall space. High and low, people tend to under-use their walls.

We’re not saying every inch of your wall needs to be covered because it shouldn’t be. That would look incredibly busy and may possibly cause anxiety.

Floating Shelves

However, consider putting up some floating shelves in open spaces of the wall. This would be a good place to put some quirky knick-knack, more books, candles, and pictures.


Utilizing hooks is a fantastic way to get things off the floor or counters and onto the walls.

In the kitchen, creatively aligning pots and pans on hooks is a great way to save space and add some flair to your kitchen.

Additionally, putting hooks up in your closet is a great way to organize all your shoes or scarves. You could also use them to hang towels for a modern bathroom space.

3. Containers And Labels

Possibly one of the best home organization tips is distributing all like-things into containers.

The best things to put in a container are things like toys, foods, board games, pens, etc. There are no rules here!

You have a chance to really be creative too! You can use clear containers like glass jars or plastic or metal baskets or buckets. Copper can add a nice pop of color to almost any space.

For an extra bit a flair, you can find cool ways to label them.

4. Divide It Up

The best way to make any space feel more organized is with dividers.

Drawer dividers break up messy junk drawers and chaotic underwear drawers into aesthetically pleasing drawers of convenience.

In the kitchen, dividing up cooking sheets, pizza pans, and cake pans can save space and keep things looking clean and organized all the time.

Additionally, keeping things in the fridge divided into drawers, compartments, and shelves will help things seem tidy and save you from losing things in the back until they go bad.

5. Layering

For the people with too much stuff and not enough house, they should consider layering where possible.

For example, layering your clothes on hangers is a quick way to double your closet efficiency. A simple double-ended soda can tab fit around the neck of a hanger will provide a space for a second hanger to hook onto.

6. Closet Cubbies

Ever peer into someone’s walk-in closet and see a mountain of clothes laying on the ground? Perhaps it’s your closet.

Either way, when things are hard to organize, it’s easy to give up entirely. However, with a closet lined with cubbies, home organization is easy. Everything in your closet will have a designated space.

The best thing is, you can do it yourself for little cost.

7. Clever Storage

Clever storage spaces are not just reserved for tiny homes and RVs.

In fact, the more creative you can get, the better!

Hang a pegboard in the kitchen to hang pots, pans, and kitchen tools. Hang mugs underneath high cabinets or shelves. Create drawers on rollers that slide easily under the bed.

In the bedroom, add shelving to the sides of dressers. In the living room, invest in a comfy window bench with a huge inner compartment to hold extra pillows and blankets or board games.

The options are quite literally endless.

8. Fold Outside The Box

When folding towels, t-shirts, pants, and shorts, place the folded clothes into the drawer vertically. Looking down into the drawer, you can see everything at once, rather than digging through stacks to find the right thing.

It takes upkeep but it’s a wonderful space saver!

9. Door Racks

The insides of doors can be used for so many home organization hacks. You can hang organizers for all your small bathroom things, you can use them for shoes in a closet, or you can put hooks for towels, robes, and other garments.

You can use this tactic for the inside of cabinet doors in the kitchen as well. Hang kitchen utensils, pots, and pans, or anything else you can think of!

10.The Most Important Home Organization Rule – Everything Needs a Designated Space

Perhaps the most important rule in home organization is that everything must have a designated space. Break this rule, and chaos ensues. However, follow the rule and everything is clean and tidy.

Have a rule in the house for everyone (yourself included) that everything gets put away immediately after use. Some people have a “one in, one out” rule for their kids. This means they can only have one thing out at a time.

Home Improvement Tips

Even if your goal isn’t to have a picture-perfect home, home organization is still important. It keeps your home neat, clean and looking good.

Disorganized homes full of clutter and messes are stressful to live in and difficult to entertain in.

However, there’s more to home care than just organization. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Check out our home improvement articles for tips, tricks, and advice on all the trending styles and decor.

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