Myths Debunked: 10 Common Log Home Maintenance Myths!

Log Home Maintenance Myths

Planning to have your dream wood home, but scared of myths and stories that fly around them? Fret not! Here are some most common myths and lies busted to help you pick your dream log home happily! Myth1:  Log Homes Are Not Green And Energy Efficient Modern log homes are energy efficient and meet all terms of conventional constructions. Logs are more like thermal batteries and can easily store heat during the day to release it at night. Moreover, unlike traditional log homes, modern ones are not susceptible to air…

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Innovative Makeup Ideas For Women

Makeup Ideas For Women

rMakeup is an Art for which almost every woman is an artisan. They have makeup ideas for everything; from their daily routine to parties. Women are very creative in this art. They follow the present trend and innovative new ideas for makeup. It comes with creative designs and the latest technologies. With this article, we are trying to find some of the innovative makeup ideas for women. Here are some innovative makeup ideas: Longtime Primer The new long wear primer comes with a stick that makes it very easy to…

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