5 Dog Laws That You Need To Know About

Dog Laws

So many people love to pet the dogs, but they hardly know the laws. Some breeds of the dogs are more aggressive than others and need to extensive watch. The new laws in some parts of the world have begun to ban a specific breed instead of focusing on the irresponsible owners of these dogs.

These jurisdictions affect the dogs and the responsible dog owners as well. Before purchasing a dog, you must know the dog laws of your area. This is necessary to stay away from the legal cases that can be brought against you in the court because of your dog. Some of these laws are for the dog’s protection, while others are meant for the protection of people from the dogs.

Dog Barking Law

It is natural for a dog to bark, but there has to be some limit. Some states have no specific rules while others have rigorous laws that need to be followed. In some places, if a dog barks for more than twenty subsequent minutes, a complaint can be filed with the city council. Even if some states have no barking law, many of them have a noise ordinance.

dog barking law

Failing in stopping your dog from barking for this long, you can be taken to the city council by your neighbours. It leads to a hearing where it is determined as to what needs to be done. A complaint against the noisy dogs can be filed to the animal control services of the respective area as well. In accordance with the Section-157 of the General Law, any person can file a complaint against the dangerous dog to the hearing authority.

Dog In Car Law

Dogs love to travel, and we people love to take them for a ride as well. There’s no count of the people who bring their dogs in the cars. But there are certain laws in some states which say that the owner of the dog will be ticketed if he or she leaves the dog in the car.

dog in car law

An exception to this law is the weather in the area. According to the California Penal Code 597.7, it is illegal to leave a dog in the closed car under the conditions that can endanger the well-being of the animal. If it is extremely hot or cold, then there’s no point in leaving him there, alone.

He must get enough of air, water, and food inside the car if left behind for some time. The basic idea is to keep the dog in good condition at all times.

Dog Bite Law

The animals are wild in nature. And a dog is no exception here. A dog bite can cause a lot of damage to the victim. Although not every state has the same law, most say that the dog owner be held responsible in such case.

The dog bite laws do have a share of exception as well. If a dog attacks a trespasser, it is indeed not against the law. So, owners and the non-owners both have to be aware of their duties and rights. The Liability of Owner for dog bite Act 73 of 1939 of Michigan states exactly the same.

dog bite law

Some states have one bite law which says that if a dog bites a person for the first without the knowledge of his aggression, the owner is not held responsible. If it gets repeated, the owner is considered to be at fault.

Dog Abandonment Law

Dog abandonment laws say that a dog be deemed abandoned if no one picks him up within a certain time period. It is true for the kennel as well. If no one comes to pick up the dog from the kennel within fourteen days of pick-up date, the kennel may try to find the dog a new owner.

Dog Abandonment Law

The dogs that are left on the road or other public places are also considered to be the abandoned ones. Those dogs are taken to the vet for the checkup before being taken to the shelter. If an owner comes finding his dog, he may have to pay the fine as well. A vet, under section 1834.5 of the California Civil Code, can destroy an animal that has been abandoned.

Federal Service Dog Law

It is against the laws to discriminate against anyone with a disability. One who has some kind of disability is allowed to take his service dog to any public location or facility without being denied for the same.

Federal Service Dog Law

Business owners or the staff of the store can only ask if the dog is a service dog. The owner does not have to show any identity or the special tags to prove him to be a service dog.


Every owner of the dog must know and abide by these laws to be a responsible owner.  These laws are meant to protect people as well dogs from any harms. Make sure that you understand these laws before purchasing a dog.

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