5 Misconceptions Of Creating An Independent Game Development!

Independent Game Development

If you are a game developer, you might have dreamed of developing your game at some point in your career. After all, what would be more exciting than witnessing your brainchild developing with a hope that it might be the next big hit!
Big hits start to get their start from the mind of one person or few only to become the most loved and played a game of the time. However, with all these goals and dreams of creating your indie games, there come many misconceptions.
If you are a future game developer, who think of developing a game with your title, here’s a list of common misconceptions that many game developers have regarding the independent games:

1. They Are Easy To Develop Than Other Big-Budget Ones

Well, developing a game completely depends on how you look it! If you have plans to develop a game like Wii U or Smash Bors, you would need more people with every member of the team using their talent to contribute in the game.
However, when it comes to developing the independent game developer, the task is even more difficult. It requires a lot more than just development skill. An indie developer would need to be a writer, tester, designer, and a lot more. In simpler words, then you will have to wear a lot more hats than just developing games.

5 Misconceptions Of Creating An Independent Game Development!

2. Indie Games Can Make You Rich In No Time

Of course, the iOS and the Android game market is quite profitable; it doesn’t mean putting up your developed game can give your huge profits. You have to realize the fact that there are millions of games on the app store, most of which end up making no profit.

Due to the nature of the app market, few titles give huge profits while others make zero success. Further, making an indie game isn’t cheap for a single developer; you have to shell out bucks for everything.

3. You Will Get Consistent Money Once Your Game Is Up

If your game doesn’t manage to impress gamers, don’t expect to receive money. When it comes to the cash flow affecting small businesses, independent games are no exception.

While some developers are fortunate to receive a check of their game’s success, some have to wait until they developed game reaches a specific number of sales or credit.

4. You Don’t Need To Spend Much Time Marketing If You Have Developed A Good Game

If there are only limited people who know about your game, there will only be limited players. However, to reach to the wider spectrum of audience, you have to tell them about it. This is one of the most important things that every indie game developer should follow after releasing their first title. This is also applicable if your game is not only good but one of the best and popular projects of the year.

Since many games are coming these days, pre-assuming that your game will automatically do a good business would not be enough. You have to do some studying to reach to the level where your game become popular.

5 Misconceptions Of Creating An Independent Game Development!

5. If You Are Doing Marketing Of Your Games, It Only Has To Be The New Ones

There are game developers who started spreading a word about their game at the time of launch, and then there are others who start creating hype of the upcoming title and end up with success.
Of course, you can pick anyone to showcase your game, take help from social media and the internet to hype your game. Don’t wait for completing your game, instead start the marketing process when the game is still in process.
So, instead of feeling low and getting discouraged because you are a novice and have just developed a game for the first time, keep up the work and reach toward your goal. While it won’t take you to your dream job, you will surely get something bigger.

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