6 Smart Ideas To Transform Your Home

Smart Ideas to Transform Your Home

When it comes to giving a new look to your house, even the smallest of a thing bring a significant difference. Even some of the renowned interior designers employ these simple yet effective tricks to get the most out of minimal effort and cost.

Remodeling, or adding all new stuff, including furniture seems to defeat the purpose of transforming it less expensively. Ready to give your home a refreshing look? Just go through these ideas to make it easier for yourself.

Paint The Walls In Lighter Colors

To maximize the space of a room in the exact same area, you must color the walls in light colors. Walls and ceiling reflect the light coming in from the natural source. Besides colors, the ample use of mirrors and larger windows give the optical illusion of space, which makes the room look larger than it actually is.

Stack Your Books

When we go to a library, the books there are always stacked in a vertical position. This is how they have always been arranged. To give a new look to the bookshelf and ultimately the room; keep them in a horizontal position. To give it a super modern look, arrange the books in multiple stacks. Make sure they are all a few inches apart from each other. A mix of horizontally and vertically arranged books gives even more aesthetic transformation.

6 Smart Ideas to Transform Your Home

Add Lightweight Furniture

Buying furniture can be an expensive task, but you need to spend wisely. Don’t purchase everything for that matter. A new centre table or just a coffee table can serve the purpose as well.

One great idea is to purchase an accent chair and keep it in the living room, a place where life happens. Don’t break the bank for this thing now. There are a hell lot of accent chairs under $100 out there on the market. Choose the one which best fits into your room, according to the size and color. It will undoubtedly add to the charm of your house.

Add lightweight Furniture

Plants Look Beautiful

There’s no denial of the fact that plants give a natural look to the place they are kept at. It is nearly impossible to find someone who does not love to be around nature. Plants refresh the air and add to the beauty of home all at the same time.

Keeping them in the useless jars or on the shelves of the book stack gives a mesmerising look to the room. The great thing about indoor plants is that they are a one-time investment and you don’t have to spend time and again on them, given you take the best care of them.

6 Smart Ideas to Transform Your Home

Hang Art On To The Walls

Empty vessels make the loudest noise, but bare walls look shabby. No matter how small or large the house is; it is incomplete without a contemporary art on the walls. Seek the one which best matches the furnishing at home.

If you do not want to spend a lot on these pictures, draw a painting for your room by yourself and then get it framed. This is how you can add beauty to your rooms without spending so much.

6 Smart Ideas to Transform Your Home

Use Different Chairs

Not so many people like it, but it looks generous. All those different chairs around the dining table just add to the ambiance of the room. Since we are talking about transformations, this is how you give it a modern look.

It is old-fashioned to keep identical chairs and boring as well. Interior designers suggest that you must be careful about un-identical chairs. They must all complement each other, the table, wall colors, all at the same time.

Final Words

This is it, folks! These were some of the best ideas to transform your house within a small budget and time frame. The next time you plan something like that, incorporate some of these ideas to make it look all new while being an old one.

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