6 Space Saving Ideas You Must Incorporate In Your Home

Space Saving Ideas

Think you are really crunched for space at your home? Well, small spaces can present a major design challenge and we usually have to end up compromising on the kind of bed we wanted in the bedroom or the storage space in the kitchen. But not anymore; today we bring to you some innovative and creative design ideas, which will totally revolutionize your home décor. If there’s a nook or cranny not being utilized properly, we will tell you how to play with it to expand your storage area. We will help you transform your blah kitchens into a high-style space. Take heart our space saving advice and make the most of your small spaces-without gutting it.

Create Illusion

Focal Point

Make the small spaces in your home look larger by tricking the eye. You can easily create an illusion of having a larger space by choosing the right color palette for the walls. Go for light and neutral shades as it helps make the room feel airy and larger than it actually is. Lighter shades tend to optically increase the size, whereas darker hues give the reverse affect by absorbing light. If you are planning to dress up the walls of your home with wallpapers, it will be wise to go for the ones with small patterns. Also consider the optical influence of a color before splashing your walls and ceiling with the same, to achieve the desired effect.

Focal Point

The basic idea behind creating an interesting focal point for a room is to draw complete attention towards it, while camouflaging the rest. Creating a focal point allows the onlooker to ignore the other parts of the room, thus creating a sense of spaciousness. In order to make the most of this clever tip, make sure that you choose a location to which your eyes are automatically drawn to, when you enter the room. What should be the focal point? Well, it can be anything, which creates visual interest like a prominent piece of décor or wall art. Remember, the idea here should be keeping the viewer engaged and not allowing the eyes wander around towards the other elements of the room.

Playing Around With Furniture

The most challenging and critical decision while designing a space is the placement of furniture. If you get it right, you can end up creating plenty of room and making the space appear larger. Unfortunately, the wrong decision can make the space look totally cramped up. The clever thing to do here is leaving a few inches of space around the furniture. This trick gives creates a little breathing room and gives the effect of space opening up. Consider avoiding anything that divides the room visually or blocks the view of the room.

Consider The Floor Plan

When you are trying to make your home look more spacious, don’t forget to consider the floor plan. This allows you to steal a little room from someplace, which was not being utilized properly. Think about eliminating the walls between spaces to make it feel larger. If removing the wall entirely is not an option, then you can just cut out an opening to get some extra visual space. Try to include more open areas where you are really crunched for space. Try dividing the room visually or installing sliding doors instead of swinging ones. Simply better inspections will give you a better idea of the right floor plan for your home.

Play With Height And Light

Take advantage of unused vertical spaces to free up some floor space while creating some extra storage. You can install high shelves and cabinets, as they will allow you to have a lot of valuable storage and make the room appear taller as well. High-mounted shelves and compartment also free up a lot of floor space, thus making the room appear less busy and letting the eye glide through and feel spaciousness. Apart from that you can also exploit the mirror’s extra-ordinary property of amplifying natural as well as artificial light. Mirrors make light radiate throughout the room, which makes the space appear much brighter and larger than it actually is.

Try Storage That Flexes

Storage is always a big issue while designing small spaces. Try to incorporate storage that flexes in order perfectly utilize every single inch of the space you have. For example a staircase with bookshelf and drawers not only offers plenty of storage but also helps create an interesting décor. Similarly, you can create other intelligent storage units around unutilized areas and make the best of the space you have. Modular furniture like nested tables or a sofa cum bed also helps you free up a lot of space.

Aim for functionality and practicality to maximize the space and have a home that looks much larger than it actually is.

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