7 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Home

7 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Home

Do you crave for the perfect little abode made of your heart’s desires? Do you wish to stay in a place that is the perfect representation of your sense of aesthetics? Well, you are not alone!

Home up gradation, no matter how small the place you live in is, happens to be something that we all yearn for. Thankfully, you do not have to break the bank for decorating your space just the way you want.

Here are some inexpensive options that will make your apartment feel like home even if it seems to be an impossible aspiration presently.

Just spice up your home with these tips without making a dent in your pocket. You do not need to spend even one penny more than what you have planned! Have a look.

Wallpaper or Paint a Bedhead – The bed holds the most staple position in our houses. Once the right spot is achieved the bed just remains put as we do not think of moving it often being one of the biggest furniture pieces. That is why if you paint or wallpaper a bedhead directly on the wall it is not a daunting project that you may think at first. So go for it and style up your bedroom.

Use Postcards for Wall Décor – The post cards are inexpensive. They cost just around 50 cents in most places. So instead of investing massively for the extravagant artworks just place some beautiful postcards and if possible, greeting cards that are artistic in a frame that is matted. And tada! Your chic wall décor is ready to hit the walls!

Enliven the Space with Plants – Breathe life into your space with indoor plants by adding texture, flamboyance and exciting shapes. They are great for the health, too. All you need to do is find the right spot and you can start growing a collection of potted plants as an affordable décor option.

Design the Ceiling – It takes maximum a couple of weeks to design the ceiling that is gypsum based. This ceiling type offers a number of options for lighting starting from the flush to the recessed lights. The track lights are especially ideal as they can be adjusted at a variety of angles and are great for living rooms, kitchens and galleries. No matter what your budget is, these ceilings are durable, cost-efficient and can last as long as the building itself.

Think Out of the Box and Use Textiles Artistically – You can create a fitting display in your living room with the help of album covers and musical instruments. These should be hung together in a salon arrangement and you can opt for matching frames for offering a consistent look to the arrangement. If you look for you can find plenty of options at your home that can be used as wall-decor. You can take one scarf, textile or fabric from your collection and use several small pieces or a single large piece to hang on a rod or from a wall with small sewn hooks on the rear side.

Use Organizers – You should go for affordable organizers made of various materials and designs so that the room remains neat. The organizers in designs that are unusual can also be used as the cheap alternative to a chest of meta cabinets and wooden drawers.

Opt for Second-hand Stores – You can get a bounty of decoration options from the second-hand stores. You just need to know where to look. You can cut crystals of coloured glass that you can get by scouring the home ware section for adding to the bar cart or shelves. Not only that, you can also delve into the kitchenware section to find vintage and priceless options for hanging from your kitchen wall hooks or pot plants into. The old trunks and suitcases are great for storage as well as serve as beautiful side or coffee tables with a retro look. You can even investigate the clothing section for furnishing options.  If cut from a skirt or dress made of quality materials even the corduroy, denim and sequins can be used for cushions that will look fabulously textured.

Apart from the above you can also opt for chair hire in London to provide for the extra seating that you may need if there is any get-together or party arranged at your space. By keeping the above ideas in mind and putting to use your creative skills you will be able to achieve the desirable home of your choice that you always craved for without breaking the bank.

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