7 Of The Hottest Bathroom Trends Of 2019

7 of the Hottest Bathroom Trends of 2019

On average, a shower floor is 60 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Constant humidity in the air, water on the floor, and plenty of germs hanging around will age a bathroom much quicker than other rooms in your house.

Even with constant cleaning, an update to your bathroom will give you a fresh start.

And in the process, you get to modernize, add value to your home and maybe even give yourself some well-deserved luxury along the way.

Read the rest of this article to give yourself peace of mind and a new look with 7 of the hottest bathroom trends of 2019.

Top Bathroom Trends Of 2019 – Technology

The technology that makes our homes smarter doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom door.

There are trends like LED lighted sinks that might not be more than a cool design element. But some of the lastest bathroom technology advances can help make your home a little more healthy as well.

Having a bathroom fan that runs when the bathroom’s occupied or when moisture reaches a certain level is a truly smart solution to odor and mold issues.

Motion sensing lights are always useful in the middle of the night and help save on electricity bills as well.

And while shower speakers have been around for decades, home audio integration has reached new heights, even in the bathroom.

1. Nautical Mirrors

Built-in mirrors are out. Eclectic and vintage framed mirrors are becoming one of the hottest trends in bathrooms.

At the coolest end of this spectrum are vintage nautical mirrors.

Brass portholes transformed into mirrors can be an incredible statement.

There are also more modern designs of rounded metal rectangles that seem to be heavily inspired by the cabins of sea-faring vessels.

2. Floating Toilets

Why would you want your toilet to look as if it is hovering in the air?

Sure, it seems very modern and fresh, but the genius of a wall mounted toilet comes in when you consider how much easier it would be to clean an open floor.

It can also be a huge space-saver as the tank and plumbing are hidden behind the wall.

And how many toilets can you have the height customized perfectly for your derriere? A floating toilet is one of the newest and most hygienic trends out there!

3. Exposed Hardware

Gone are the days of hiding your bathroom plumbing in a cabinet that sits on a floor. Much like the floating toilet, open spaces have made it so much easier to keep these areas of your bathroom clean.

With that in mind, excellent looking drain pipes under open framed or wall-mounted sinks have become very fashionable in bathroom remodeling.

If your plumbing is looking a little beat-up, this may add a little extra cost to add higher-end metal pipes, where PVC might have been fine before.

But the look is definitely worth a few extra dollars.

4. Bigger Is Better

As families have gotten smaller over the years, houses have not. Designers are trading extra bedrooms for extra square footage in the master bathroom.

Trends like private commodes are hugely popular. Separating the tub from the shower is also becoming a standard feature with all of the extra room.

A large bathroom is one of the easiest ways to make your life more luxurious through design.

 5. Open Shower

There is something that happens to a bathroom when the shower isn’t enclosed.

With the door removed and only a glass partition left, there is a sense of freedom and openness. Its almost as if you are showering al fresco.

A large open shower requires a pitched floor and a little more consideration when you are planning your bathroom.

And if you are retrofitting an older space, this may have to be a bathroom trend to avoid. But if you have the room and feel hemmed in by walls and doors, this will be a life-changer.

6. Fun And Funky Tilework

Plain white subway tile has been around for years and still gives off a simple, clean foundation to design around.

However, making a statement with tile is one of the hottest bathroom trends. Long, skinny vertical tiles can create a sense of height even if your bathroom does not have high ceilings.

And mixing a splash of dark tile against a lighter wall or floor can be an affordable DIY solution to expensive high-end design elements.

7. You Deserve It

You deserve to start fresh. You deserve luxury. You deserve a new bathroom.

And any of these 7 hottest bathroom trends of 2019 will give you a great new look, and help keep your home germ-free.

If you are looking for more home improvement trends, click here for some great ideas.

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