7 Tips To Reduce Side Effects Of Hair Dryer

Side Effects Of Hair Dryer

However, sun drying is the best option for drying hair, but if the weather is cold or rain, then the dryer can be used to dry the hair.

Yes, if you use a hair dryer on a regular basis, you must know about its losses and precautions.

Hair dryer is also used to give hair new hairstyles. But its disadvantages can also be seen soon. Excessive use of hair dryer can strip the natural beauty of hair.

On the other hand, daily problems can increase the problems of dandruff, clean, dull and dryness in the hair, and the hair starts to break down and become stale and lifeless.

A major reason for the loss of hair dryer is the heat coming from it, which damages the roots of the hair and many times start hair fall like problems and many more.

So here in this post, we are sharing 7 tips to reduce the side effects of hair dryer. How bad is it? How to use it?

But before we start we have to know that what are the side effects of the hair dryer first?

  • Burns and dehydrates hair.
  • Leaves hair matted.
  • Weaken the thread.
  • It removes brightness, that is, the opaque.
  • It ruins its texture.


1. Distance: When using a hair dryer, keep in mind that it is 6-9 inches from the hair. If this does not happen then the stomach will increase in hair and they will also break down quickly.

2. Serum: There are so many popular brands of hair serum are available in the market. You can just google it to know more so if you have a serum then use it before using a hairdryer, apply a serum in the hair so that the dryer heat does not cause too much damage to the hair and the hair should be soft.

3. Temperature: It is better to use hair dryer according to your hair type. As the hair is curly, rough, soft or silky, according to set the temperature.

4. Hair Conditioning: Do not forget to do hair conditioning before using the dryer. Sometimes, when not using properly, the hair gets tangled with dryness, which causes them to break.

Hair Conditioning

5. Cold Dryer: Always try to use the cold dryer as there are more ions in it which are positive and heat is less in the air.

6. Hair Oiling: If you use a hair dryer on a regular basis, then do regular hair oiling so that the hair can get adequate nutrition. The excess use of the dryer takes away the nutrition of the hair.

7. Healthy Food: Take special care to eat and drink to keep hair strong. Nourishment can also be given to the hair by adding amla, green vegetables, juice, curd, etc. in their food.


1. Is It Good To Use Hair Dryers?

Of course, you can use it but its daily use starts damaging your hairs. But if you want to use in daily basis then we are already shared with you 7 tips you check it.

2. Which Is The Best Hair Dryer?

I don’t have the right answer for this question but we have prepared a list of best hair dryer where we have added all top class hair dryers from low budget to high you can also buy it from shopping site according to your need.

3. What Are The Disadvantages Of Using a Hair Dryer?

Nowadays people are using a hair dryer on a regular basis to get good hairstyle but on the other hand, there are so many side effects.

if you use a hair dryer on a daily basis then it can take out your hair’s natural shine, strength and moisture. This cause to the problem of rotten, mingle up and split ends problems.

4. Are Hair Dryers Worth Buying?

Yes of course always buy a branded hair dryer with a cool shot button.

5. Will Cold Hair Dryer Damage My Hair?

Yes but of course little less than heat dryer

With cool air, you can get a less catastrophic result but the long term consequences are absolutely the same: dry and dehydrated ends. The best thing to do is to use your hair dryer when it is really necessary.

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