Best And Popular Movie Streaming Sites, Apart From Putlocker.Ch!

Popular Movie Streaming Sites

Watching free movies is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to see movies from the comfort of your home. And for that, all you need is just an internet connection and a connected device.

Further, the way people watch videos and other content, has completely evolved in the past few years. The days of hopping toward TV sets to find the shows you want to watch are dashing down with online movie channels taking place.

When we talk about online movies, there are plenty of websites that you can look to watch your content. However, not all are secured and safe, and some even require the clients to pay monthly or yearly fee.

So, what to do?

But halt, folk, there’s much more than you can do to maximize your home movie viewing. So, if you are a movie fan and want to catch up with the latest releases, here are some popular movie streaming sites. (and yes, is not on the list):

Sony Crackle:

Sony Crackle

Owned by Sony Pictures, Sony Crackle is one of the free movie streaming places with hundreds of full-length and free movies that you can watch anytime. Just like, this streaming site offers high video quality and comes with various video player options. Irrespective of the size of your device, you will only see high-quality movies from your home.

Youtube Movies:

Youtube Movies

YouTube is another video streaming site featuring thousands of movies and Television shows. It’s one of the best online places for entertainment. While most of the things on YouTube are available for free, some are paid. Also, you can save videos for offline to watch them later.



Popcornflix is another website to watch movies for free. It packs a collection of over 15,00 movies from every genre (Horror, Drama, Comedy, Romance and more). Released in 2011, with a wide selection of independent film, it is now available in North America. Also, it works on platforms like gaming consoles, web browsers, streaming devices and more. Popcornflix also contains a variety of web series and independently produced movies like in Popcornflix also contains Hollywood movies of a variety of genres that too in HD and full length.



Crackle was once popular as an online video streaming site called Grouper, but after being acquired by the Sony, it was renamed to crackle. It is the most popular video streaming site with a great selection of free movies and television shows. There are a variety of classics if you are a fan of them. It is also one of the few video streaming sites that contains high-quality and original scripted content. The video streaming site is also the home of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld.

The best thing about crackle is that you don’t need any membership; just sign up and you can pick your favorite shows and movies in the highest quality.

Tubi TV:

Tubi TV

Tubi TV features a huge library of free movies and TV shows like Putlocker that you can watch from any device. All you need to do is download the app on your device, and you will get access to thousands of programs and movies. Just sign up for free, and you will be able to sync your queue to other devices. This will also let you pick up the movie of the show where you have left in the previous device. Most of the movies on Tubi TV are similar to the one available on Putlocker- in high definition and original.



If you are an anime or documentary lover, you would love Viewster. Viewster features hundreds of Tv shows from across the world along with documentaries and other wide range of content. There are more than 12,000 free and rare movies along with various TV series that too at free of cost. It is available in 120 different countries and has over 40 million users per month.

Searching for a movie at Viewster is also very easy, just browse through genre or by title. You can also videos as per the most viewed ones, ratings and latest additions. There’s also a language filter; you can select your language.



Vudu comes with a huge library of movies from all genres. There are movies like Surf’s Up 2, Out of Time, Anaconda and more flicks to binge. Vudu is also one of those companies that offer video rentals. Like, there will be a huge library of movies to help you in your leisure time. In terms of browsing content and catalog, the Vudu movies are the one you can count with ease.



Founded in 2008, with the central idea to bring independent movies in the spotlight, Snagfilms is one of the best video streaming sites. Snagfilsm has over 5,000 movie titles with many Indian movies, National Geographical videos and more. Films are often in the 720 or 1080 qualities, which means you can easily enjoy them on big screens. You can filter your search by categorizing things with most reviewed, popular videos or more. There are also categories like Comedy, Drama, Action, Music, Sports and more.

Pluto TV:

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another site for streaming a lot of content, including serials, videos and more. It works like Putlocker. each and has hundreds of channels and television shows to binge. The Pluto TV offers a lot of programming; there will be a mixture of original content web series, independent films, news, documentaries and more. You can also watch exclusive content, which is not available on any other platform.

Top Documentary Films:

Top Documentary Films

As the name suggests, the top documentary films show documentaries from various genres. TDF is basically a web-based streaming site that lets you watch your favorite movies or shows from the browser. The documentaries on this site come from various genres like there are documentaries on sports, science, technology, religion and more. The length of the documentary can vary from short 15-minute video of the hour-long documentary.

All the above-mentioned video streaming sites are quite popular like and are completely safe.  All you need is to explore a movie through its genre, name or type, and you are sorted!

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