How To Get Caught Up On Bills And Survive The Financial Stress Of Unemployment

How to Get Caught Up on Bills and Survive the Financial Stress of Unemployment

A huge study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention between 2006 and 2008 found that about 10 percent of Americans feel depressed at any given moment. And one of the main reasons for the depression, according to the study, is unemployment. Unemployment can take a big toll on a person. It can leave them feeling hopeless with regards to the future. It can also lead to them abusing drugs and alcohol and affect their health. And of course, it can throw their finances all out of whack. Knowing how…

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4 Tips To Help You Get A Loan Against Mutual Funds Units

4 Tips to Help You Get a Loan Against Mutual Funds Units

As the name suggests, a loan against mutual funds units is one where your mutual fund investment is used as security against the amount lent to you. Mutual funds are gaining popularity with Indian investors as they give you good returns and you can manage them from your smartphone, and this is one more reason why they are a loved choice. A loan against mutual fund units lets you avoid the need to sell units to get the required liquidity. Further, your funds will not only remain intact but will…

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The Ultimate Guide For Single Parents To Pay Off Their Debt Faster

Pay Off Debt Faster

Single parents have to go through a lot when families do not have the leverage of dual incomes and have to face financial setbacks. After all, clearing off your debts and taking care of your kids at the same time is definitely not an easy situation to deal with. A single parent must focus on their career in order to waive off the outstanding loans while meeting the duties and responsibilities towards their kids at the same time. Despite the challenges as a single parent in life paired with the…

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Debt Settlement And Debt Consolidation – The Pros And Cons Examined

Debt Settlement And Debt Consolidation

When you are struggling with debt repayment, people may often suggest that you consider debt settlement or debt consolidation. While both are forms of debt relief, they are often used interchangeably leading to a lack of clarity. It needs to be appreciated that the two are actually quite different from each other and have their own benefits and disadvantages. Debt settlement involves negotiating with creditors to make them accept an amount that is less than the dues in full and final settlement of the debt. Debt consolidation, on the other…

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Arbitrage Exchange Trading & Effective Strategies To Exploit Bitcoin Arbitrage

Bitcoin Arbitrage

Crypto trading has long been making some traders hefty sums of profits. However, trading cryptocurrency comes with its fair share of risks. The past year started off with a bang and every crypto asset witnessed new all-time highs. Unfortunately,  2018 ended with a whimper after the crypto market was dominated by the bears year around and the digital currencies fell back to their lowest in 18 months. Even Bitcoin following one of its biggest bull rallies to $19,500, dropped down by 80 percent by the year-end. 2018 was a testimony…

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How To Reduce Health Insurance Premiums?

Health insurance is a must for everyone today. However, for the protection of the whole family, the health insurance premium ends up being pretty high which can be slight of a problem for some people. So, these aspects have to be handled smartly. To have every aspect covered for safety is a brilliant move. Having health insurance ensures that the expenses sustained from any illness or injury will be reimbursed or paid to the institution directly. They are also bought for protection against certain critical diseases and any problem faced…

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Tips To Reduce The Burden Of Higher Interest Rate On Your Existing Home Loan

reduce your home loan payments

If you want to buy a home, taking a home loan becomes inevitable. Along with the home loan comes the burden of interest. A home loan is a big financial commitment. You can pay it off in equated monthly instalments (EMIs). But the EMI’s impact your monthly expenditure over a long period of time. Let us look at how you can reduce this extra burden on your finances. If you plan well and manage your loan with care, you can turn your dream into reality. Here are some tips to…

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Great Sources Of Financing For Women Starting A Business

Financing For Women

It does not come as much of a surprise that women who want to start their own business often face more hurdles in collecting finance. Since women have not been conventionally witnessed to have built businesses, many lenders shirk at the idea of investing in a company owned by a woman. There are a lot of other conventions and psychological barriers that women face on their way to the entrepreneurial world. However, certain schemes have been formulated specially to help provide financial support to women entrepreneurs in the form of…

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How Do I Qualify for Equipment Financing?

Equipment Financing

Qualifying for equipment financing can be tricky. Between your credit score, cash flow, and personal financial troubles, you could run into several obstacles when trying to qualify for financing. The good news is that there are a variety of programs for financing equipment that are available to you, even if your financial situation isn’t ideal to most lenders. Past bankruptcy, a low credit score, or even the fact that you haven’t been in business long won’t be a problem when you choose the right financing option. There are four kinds…

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Car Theft: How Does Auto Insurance Work?

How Does Auto Insurance Work

A stolen car, a forced door, a car radio or a stolen accessory? Your car insurance can cover a flight, but your compensation depends on the extent of your guarantees. Follow our advice adapted to your situation and the steps to follow in case of theft or break-in of your vehicle. How Are You Covered By Your Insurance In Case Of Theft? All auto insurance policies do not cover theft. Third-party insurance packages are generally non-existent, unlike all-risk insurance. If you do not have this reporting in your basic contract,…

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