6 Rules For Buying A House Any Home Buyer Needs To Follow

6 Rules for Buying a House Any Home Buyer Needs to Follow

Are you thinking of buying a home? There’s good news for you: 2019 is predicted to be a buyer’s real estate market.But that doesn’t mean you can’t use some advice when it comes to buying a home. No matter what kind of real estate market we’re in here is six rules for buying a house that every prospective homeowner needs to know about. 1. Don’t Buy Unless You Can Afford It Not everyone can afford to buy a home. Most mortgages require that you put down between 10 and 20…

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Tips To Reduce The Burden Of Higher Interest Rate On Your Existing Home Loan

reduce your home loan payments

If you want to buy a home, taking a home loan becomes inevitable. Along with the home loan comes the burden of interest. A home loan is a big financial commitment. You can pay it off in equated monthly instalments (EMIs). But the EMI’s impact your monthly expenditure over a long period of time. Let us look at how you can reduce this extra burden on your finances. If you plan well and manage your loan with care, you can turn your dream into reality. Here are some tips to…

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