3 Common Mistakes Which Can Impair Your Web Accessibility Compliance

5 Intellectual Property Strategies Every Tech Startup Should Know

When it comes to a website, its actual value and reach are directly proportionate to its universality. It is accessible to everyone irrespective of their location, gender, age, ethnicity, and the difference in physical and cognitive abilities. It means universality mandates easy access to web content by people with disabilities too. Many of the websites and web applications are now meant for only people who have fit physically and cognitively. Many of the web designers and developers too are not keen on developing websites for easy access to disabled people.…

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The Best Android Photo Editors In 2019

Best Android Photo Editors In 2019

Do you get cranky when photos you have clicked doesn’t look perfect, even after so many attempts? You might don’t like the contrast, brightness, orientation or you want the light more appealing to make the photos look catchy and attractive. That’s when the photo editing tools come in. Photo editing tools come with lots of impressive features and are in par with lightweight editors. But, which one is for you? If you are a snap-happy or have a smartphone with impressive camera features, your phone’s gallery might be filled with…

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5 Misconceptions Of Creating An Independent Game Development!

Independent Game Development

If you are a game developer, you might have dreamed of developing your game at some point in your career. After all, what would be more exciting than witnessing your brainchild developing with a hope that it might be the next big hit! Big hits start to get their start from the mind of one person or few only to become the most loved and played a game of the time. However, with all these goals and dreams of creating your indie games, there come many misconceptions. If you are…

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Best And Popular Movie Streaming Sites, Apart From Putlocker.Ch!

Popular Movie Streaming Sites

Watching free movies is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to see movies from the comfort of your home. And for that, all you need is just an internet connection and a connected device. Further, the way people watch videos and other content, has completely evolved in the past few years. The days of hopping toward TV sets to find the shows you want to watch are dashing down with online movie channels taking place. When we talk about online movies, there are plenty of websites that you…

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How To Fix The Broken Camera Of A Phone

Fix The Broken Camera Of A Phone

Almost every phone today comes with an inbuilt camera. Even the phones with a button keypad have an inbuilt camera. The phone manufacturers know that the camera is a necessity for the customers. People often experience in cell phone cameras that need cleaning, repairing or replacement. The smartphone mechanics charge you heavily for fixing the camera problems. However, it is possible to set the camera issues at home using simple tools and equipment. However, you need a bit of knowledge, skills, and some tools to fix your smartphone camera at…

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10 Best Apps For Achieving Goals

Apps For Achieving Goals

There are times when you need to find motivation. People might turn their back on you, but if that stops you from seeing the path to your goals; it would prevent you from everything for good. Also, doing something more significant in life requires saying motivated. While pursuing your goal, you can seek help from some great apps that would get you the needed motivation – at least make an effort to do so. Smartphone app stores have now reached a whole lot of such apps; you get to find…

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Has Noad VarianceTV Affected Your System? Here’s How You Can Remove It!

Noad VarianceTV a Malware To Your System

Have you just downloaded the Noad VarianceTV to watch videos from different platforms? CAUTION! It can garner your personal data and can put a threat on your device’s security. VarianceTV is basically a video hosting platform, featuring a virus that works just like an adware software. Once installed, it will show many unpleasant ads and can also put your computer system at the risk of being hacked! Noad VarianceTV falls under the category of Adware and Potentially Unwanted  Programs (PUPs) cyber threats because of its questionable marketing strategies and intrusive…

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Top 10 Benefits Of Construction Scheduling Software

Construction Scheduling Software

Performing a builder job is the toughest thing ever. They have to plan, execute and come up with the result. There is no exception and excuses that work in their work. If any construction work of their site remains unplanned then it might affect the overall work adversely. While keeping in mind about the importance and the workload of the builders, engineering, architecture, whoever working the construction site, there is one reliable construction scheduling software newly takes in the market. The best project management software online namely ‘Superintendent’s Automated Manager…

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3 Ways Blockchain Technology Can Prove Beneficial For The Automotive Market

Blockchain Technology

Cars. It is hard for most of us to imagine our lives without them. After all, ever since their inception, cars have been pivotal in reaching from one destination to another. Over the years, the automotive industry has experienced tremendous growth, despite the spiraling financial conditions. In 2017, 73.5 million units of cars were produced. Vehicle sales are predicted to rise to 81.5 million units by 2018. 6.1 million of these purchases will come from the U.S alone. These statistics showcase the growth of the automotive industry is experiencing. Many…

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