Did You Know That The Colour Of Your Coffee Mug Adds To The Taste Of Your Coffee

Coffee Mug

Yes, you heard it right!

The taste of your coffee depends on the color of your coffee mug, according to a study led by Australian researchers. The color of your mug can make your coffee taste different, and each color has its own taste. The Australian researchers completed separate studies where two different sets of volunteers were asked to rate the flavor of a cafe latte. In the first study, 18 people drank from a white porcelain mug, blue porcelain mug, or transparent glass mug, and rated the taste or flavor of the cafe latte. As a result, volunteers who sipped from the white mugs said that the taste was more intense which means bitter than those served in the clear glass mugs. Therefore, volunteers rated the coffee served in the white glass mugs to be less sweet than those served in the blue glass mugs.

So, if you are a coffee lover and have different color or types of mugs like personalized mugs, magic mugs, heart-shaped mugs, at your home then, you would be excited to know that how the taste of coffee differ from one mug to another:

White Mugs

If you like a strong coffee flavour then, brew it up in your white mug because white color mugs make the taste of your coffee bitter which many of you prefer drinking in the morning. However, some of you may object to drinking coffee because it’s bitter. In that case, do not brew up your coffee in a white mug.

Red & Blue

For all those people who don’t prefer the bitterness of coffee and instead like to sip coffee that is sweet in taste, should start making their coffee in either red or blue mugs. As you know that red and blue color is associated with sweet fruits, so it’s quite possible that drinking coffee in a red or blue mug may make your brain translate that sweetness when you are drinking the coffee.


As you know that the color of coffee is also brown so drinking coffee in a brown mug tend to make you think that your coffee is much stronger. So, if you like a cup of strong coffee then, go ahead to add a brown mug to your collection.


The color black is associated with power, strength, mystery, and a lot of other things. So, if you drink your coffee in a black color mug, it will definitely taste stronger and better. So, if you like your coffee strong then, you should definitely have a black colored mug at your home.


The color purple is associated with royalty, luxury, power, and ambition. So, if you want to experience a luxurious coffee time and feel royal while you sip your coffee then, drink it in a purple colored mug which is sure to make you feel royal and powerful.

So, this is how the taste of your coffee depends on the color of your mug you are brewing or drinking in it.

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