Education loans India to get financial freedom

Education, as we all know, is very important, if one needs to survive in this techno-savvy World. Most of the time, students dream of becoming something and plan it all out – which subject to pursue, which college to take. The most important part, the financial part, is sometimes underestimated a lot – not exactly ignored but underestimated. Loans started to show up in this sector as well, and by now, we can safely say that the Education sector has loans as a rather important topic.Education loans might be not that of a developed subject, but it still is growing rather rapidly. It is now quite easy to get education loan in India, as compared to the earlier situation.For those of you who don’t understand this concept, education loans are the loans specifically designed so as to pay all the educational expenses one might come across while studying.

There are a lot of organizations which lend the money for such loans. These lending organization takes the responsibility of paying the education related expenses in the form of Education loans, study tours, accommodation charges, books, laptops, and other necessary and required study materials.

The most attractive type of education loans is provided by! The duration of the loan ranges from approximately 3 to 9 months with a limit of up to the whooping amount of 10 lacs, so that you can decide and plan accordingly. The loan includes tuition fees, transport costs, hostel fees, books expenses, among other things. Brainybatch has adopted the no cost EMI program, which has no collateral as well as no processing fee! This loan is quite flexible and easy to pay back, because it has the option of multiple EMI option with repayment options which would suit your needs. It is affordable as well because there are no restrictions on your choice of education – choose anything you want, and you will still get access to the education loan.

The next best thing about this loan is that the process is online! This makes it easy because you can submit your applications and all the other documents online. The whole of the process is instant; you can even get quick approvals for second and subsequent education loans.If you want your child to learn in an excellent quality school, right from the start – then you don’t have to worry anymore. Brainybatch provides loans for play schools, schools, colleges and even coaching centers!

Grace of six months to one year after the course is finished or the period of three months after getting a job is called as the holiday period or the moratorium period. Interest Servicing during the course, partial interest servicing during the course, EMI repayment during the course, EMI repayment post moratorium period, among others, are some of the types of repayment for Education loans in India – you can always adopt one which suits your educational needs and your preferences.

Taking loan is always a sort of a burden, but then, if you are able to repay the amount of loan – counting the interest as well – right on time, then it is assured that you will be pursuing a very hassle-free course of study. If you are living independently and are not going to accept money from your parents, then its time that you start looking for a job, most possibly a part time one, so that you don’t have to sacrifice your college hours in the job.Do the needful and the rest will be very easy to face.

Now that you know the basics of education loan and how it is actually acquired and paid back – all you have to do is plan a perfect loan so that you can take up higher studies and acquire the skills which are actually needed to survive in your career path. Education loan will be the one backing you up in this path.


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