Is Ford’s future Unsafe? Ford Launches the Mission Driverless

Is Ford’s future Unsafe? Ford Launches the Mission Driverless

Ford says that the mission driverless has been started to save the future of the Blue Oval in the automotive industry


Ford has assigned a task to Bryan Salesky to give the pioneering US automotive giant a robotic life and has entrusted him US$ one billion to complete this task. All that money would be spent to figure out the future of the automaker because according to the experts, the blue oval is feeling a bit insecure in the future where almost everyone is shifting over the autonomous driving system.

The incharge of this mission Salesky says that “It’s not like lining a place with marble,” he further says as reaches the Argo AI’s Ford offices, in a hip sector of Pittsburgh. “He doesn’t want everyone to consider that the mission has been so well-funded and it is not something that can be achieved by pouring money on things absurdly.

He believes that they have painted floors instead of tiles flooring like a corporate business so going with the available resources would help the company to achieve their targets early and would help in the mission accomplishment.


The Argo Al autonomous driving startup

Ford is investing US$ 1 Billion in the mission Argo Al, driverless mobility startup to secure its future, and it is Ford’s way to convert Ford engines and things into the better possible way. Ford is trying to catch up the system development companies like Alphabet Inc’s Waymo and will also shake hands with the general motor co in the driverless race.

Last year Ford has achieved the first milestone by securing the maximum number of shares in the Argo Al and now expecting to deploy its autonomous vehicles by 2021 on the roads.

According to the experts, there is a slight chance that the automaker’s this move to secure its future by recovering the lost time would plunge its profits in the coming years. It is already facing a fallen out stock by 24 per cent last year. The credit rating the automaker has also gone above the junk in the past few quarters.

The Wall Street has questioned the management of the company’s CEO Jim Hackett on these issues and it is only 16 months when he started his job. The Journal is predicting a massive cut in the dividends in the coming years.

Upon releasing a US$1Billion to the mission, the CEO was questioned that if he will even be around to see it happening, Jim replied to this question is very strong words and by going very informal says HELL YES! So the automaker and its management are highly confident that this would happen.

The Mission Argo Al has an excellent team where Salesky and his founding partner Pete Rander, is an expert in developing the self-driving units for Google and Uber.


The mission Argo Al team

This was the whirlwind formation of Salesky while engineering the Google’s earliest self-driving car at Silicon Valley otherwise they cannot realize the dream on its own. Salesky has now determined to show his skills by converting the world’s largest automaker into the robotic vehicle manufacturer and to push them into the list of power players in the world.

He is a blue-collar engineer he says, belongs to a working class of Detroit, going on an unconventional path of developing autonomous cars.Waymo, on the other hand, started his career in 2009 at Google headquarters and has logged more than 9 million miles of driverless vehicle testing on the US roads.

Arog’s vehicles are not even close to that milestone. But here, the specifics are not required because both engineers are looking for the milestone.Ford has excellent vehicles and amazing technologies with a lot of progress in the past, but they do not have as many vehicles for testing on the roads, at the minimum waymo project is almost 2 years ahead of the Argo Al.

Waymo starting a taxi business next year in Phoenix and all of their vehicles would be driverless. GM is also planning a similar service next year. However, Ford’s services are more than 3 years behind these projects. Financially, both of the projects are ahead of Ford as well, GM has invested 2.25 Billion dollars in June to boost up the program.

On the other hand, Waymo has a deep pocket parent, the Alphabet Inc. so the challenges are relatively higher. The mission Argo remained crown jewel for Ford autonomous project. Hackett visited Pittsburgh and visited Salesky’s new office and a rides new Argo as well. The board of directors also test drive the Argo driverless vehicles last month.

According to the Intel Corp. strategy analysts, by the mid of the century, the autonomous vehicles business would expand to more than US$ 7 trillion by the mid of the century. Automakers who would avail the opportunity would be in the safer zone others who failed would get a massive hit and may not have any future in the industry.

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