Myths Debunked: 10 Common Log Home Maintenance Myths!

Log Home Maintenance Myths

Planning to have your dream wood home, but scared of myths and stories that fly around them?

Fret not!

Here are some most common myths and lies busted to help you pick your dream log home happily!

Myth1:  Log Homes Are Not Green And Energy Efficient

Modern log homes are energy efficient and meet all terms of conventional constructions. Logs are more like thermal batteries and can easily store heat during the day to release it at night.

Moreover, unlike traditional log homes, modern ones are not susceptible to air leaks. Some houses are constructed with Fir, Larch, and Spruce kind of woods to minimize airflow and to maintain efficiency.

Myth2: They Are Hard To Maintain And Clean!

Well, not necessarily, maintenance of the property is one’s own efforts. Generally, you only have to keep your wood homes clean and dry. Also take measures to prevent dust, pollen and moulds to keep your home clean and hygienic.  Since these logs have a high moisture content, moulds are more likely to come. So, keep your house moisture proof, and mould and mildew at bay.

Myth 3:  All Log Homes Have Insect Problems!

Previously, log homes were more susceptible to termites and insects; however modern logs use borate (a natural mineral that keeps bugs away) to make strong and termite-proof logs. You can also use liquid formulations to keep bees and flies at bay.

Myth 4: Log Homes Are Gloomy And Dark.

To some extent, it’s true, as logs need thrice the amount of light than the traditional brick wall homes. However, you can construct homes with small windows allowing more light to come in. Glass, at windows, is also used to increase lighting.

Myth 5:  Wooden Log Cabins Will Not Last Long

Gone were the days when log homes used to be weak and gloomy. The modern log cabins are durable and can last up to 100-200 years. There are many wood protective materials, preservers, vanishes, mite-repellents and other things available to keep home safe and protected. So, no need to worry about log home durability and have your own cabin of woods!

Myth 6: Log Home Insurance Is Difficult!

Insurance of a log home is the same as that of the insurance of a brick-motor home. However, the location of the house and the proximity to the fire station also matters. If you have a log cabin far from a fire hydrant, insurance rates will vary and are more likely to depend on the emergency services excess.

Myth 7:  Constructing A Log Home Is Quite Difficult

Although the construction of log homes is different from the traditional one, it’s not overly complicated to construct and design. Some constructions depend on the type of log package you chose. For instance, if you choose a pre-cutting log package, you will get most of the logs pre-labelled. You just have to open it and assemble them. However, other logs are of a random length so that you can use them to different locations throughout the house.

Myth 8: These Houses Hurt Mother Nature

Since most of the logs used in the log homes are cut from dead timber wood, they don’t put any harm to the environment. Green trees are mostly avoided, as they cause more settling issues in the construction of a log home. Also, dead standing trees cut the overall cost and help in preventing forest fires.

Myth 9:  Cracks Are A Big Problem In Log Homes

Checks or cracks in logs are natural! Just make sure that cracks are not at the topside or to the exterior of the log where rain, dirt and snow can enter. To prevent it, clean the log often or add borate rods to keep home dry and moisture-free. You can also fill the cracks with backer rod and caulk.

If the above myths are obstructing your idea of having a dream log home, surpass them and live the lifestyle you always wanted!

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