Naming The Top 3 Best Tech Gifts For Men In 2019

Naming the Top 3 Best Tech Gifts for Men in 2019

Every year a vast slate of new tech gadgets and gear comes out. Some of these are super cheap, some extremely expensive. Others are incredibly practical, many strictly recreational.

With so many options, how can you choose which are the best tech gifts for men for 2019’s holidays, anniversaries, and other special occasions?

Really, it depends on the guy. What are his interests and what is most likely to use the most? Nothing makes a gift-giver happier than to see their gift being used and appreciated consistently.

Still, no matter the tech gifts you go with, you’ll want to make sure you’re buying a quality product that is not only going to be able to keep being used but keep lasting as well.

Here’s a guide to some of 2019’s best tech gifts for men to help you with your gift-choosing process.

1. Ubio Labs 15000mAh Lightning Input Power Bank 

A necessity for the adventurous kind is a good power bank for charging your devices on the go. Some of the features of a quality portable power pack are that it can quickly charge your devices, have the power storage to charge them multiple times and look sleek.

With the Ubio Labs 15000mAh power pack, you get all of these features.

This product is made specifically for the world’s most popular phones, the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone. On a single charge, it can completely recharge your iPhone X up to 5 times and your Samsung Galaxy S9 up to 4.5 times.

This makes a great gift for digital nomads, backpackers, guys who spend a lot of time working outside of the office, hikers, climbers, and more.

If any of these sound like your special guy and you think the Ubio Power Bank would be a great gift for them, check it out!

2. Notion Home-Monitoring Sensors: One Of The Best Security Tech Gifts For Men In 2019

For many reasons, personal security is a growing need, and yet the demands life puts on you are also growing. These two factors can make it difficult for a man to be able to provide safety and security at home he wishes for his family.

Notion home intelligence is a company that was recently funded on Kickstarter who aims to help you protect the things of truly greatest value.

Their sensors can monitor factors such as doors and windows opening, water and gas leaks, temperature, and more.

If the system detects any abnormality, it will send a message directly to your phone. This way you can protect your possessions and loved ones, even if you can’t physically be there.

3. Get The PlayStation VR For Your Gamer In 2019

One of the best tech gifts for men in 2019 remains the hot the topic of the gaming community in recent years–VR headsets. No wonder too, as playing in virtual reality is truly a next level gaming experience.

While there are other high-quality VR options out there, such as the Oculus and Vive headsets, what we love about the PlayStation VR is its price point. You can usually find this headset for $100 or more less than its competition.

Get Your Guy A Gift In 2019 He’ll Use Far Beyond It

We hope this list of a few of the best tech gifts for men in 2019 will help you to make a pick your guy will use for years to come.

Check our blog out for more tech tips, such as what some of the best mobile apps for 2019 are.

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