Not Roomier but Fit to Drive BMW 116i

Not Roomier but Fit to Drive BMW 116i

BMW, an ultimate name of comfort, luxury and reliability

It was early days when people do not care that much about the comfort level during travelling. That was the time when justa good conveyance consider as a luxury. You are travelling in a car is more than enough for you instead of using other mediums like bicycles and carts.

It is evolution and revolution which not only introduces new features and specs of auto motives but also emphasise people to follow their needs and demands from auto motives. There are many which are necessary while few consider as nothing else but luxury. Of course safety features are more than important and should be on priority level.

Either it is safety of luxury, comfort or reliability now BMW is one from most likely auto motivesall over the world. With top notch specs and features everyone desires to drive and have BMW. Bavarian Motor Works known as BMW was founded in 1916 and from that time till now undoubtedly BMW introduce many masterpiece to this world.

Not just cars but BMW manufactured bikes and aircraft engines. And now in the age of technology BMW is one of those automotive manufacturer who offers hybrid and electric cars on initial level.  It is creativity and uniqueness which makes BMW best among all its rivals.

Either than Mercedes it is just BMW who launched its lavish models in series, now it is its 7 Series which facilitate its riders with its stunning and superb performance along with powerful engine and luxurious and comfortable interior.


The rivals of this car focus more on the cabin size and offer more space

Drive quality and ride comfort are keys to win the trust of buyers and also achieve higher unit sales. BMW 116i a small but elegant car has won the great numbers both in rankings and in sales just because of BMW 116i engines.

The rivals of this car focus more on the cabin size and offer more space but even then it has managed to beat them. The engine quality has allowed 116i reconditioned engines to find buyers all over the world.

The car belongs to the most affordable series of the carmaker and the same has got a number of specifications that are usually part of the lavish cabins. The range of units under the hood has the variety from the most economical to very quick.

It has the unique rear wheel drive setup among the family hatches of this size and this result in a compromise on the cabin room. So the buyers must not expect a roomy interior.

It may seem a pricey option among the competitors but it deserves the cost. On the performance front, all theBMW engines are equally good without proving heavy on the pocket as the economy is also good.

The 116i engine is 1.6 litre and it is just a couple of seconds short

The 1series cars were first introduced an alternative to the compact 3series and the second generation of the same was launched in 2012. A facelift was made just three years ago to keep the buyers on edge.

The 116i engine is 1.6 litre and it is just a couple of seconds short to reach 62mph speed mark when putting in comparison to the 2.0litre 3series engine. In fact, it reaches to this speed from zero just less than nine seconds and the maximum speed of the car is 125mph so both figures do not prove it a well-deserved BMW vehicle.

But in reality, it is far more exquisite and fun to drive option in small hatchbacks. It is the story of petrol engines but diesel motors perform reasonably well than the one mentioned in the above lines. The torque figure is 111lb per foot and it is almost half of the 118d at low revs.


Not Roomier but Fit to Drive BMW 116i



Dashboard and controls placed over it

The driving position is comfortable and view remains as clear as you desire. Dashboard and controls placed over it are well in reach of the person on the driving seat. To start it you put the key in the slot and push the start button so you have to do two steps to put it to life which can be done with just one.

The engine refinement is typical of BMW style and no one could complain about it as it is not bothering. Five-speed transmissions are sleek and does not delay or hamper the acceleration as you wish it to run smoothly.

The peculiar quality of this one is fuel efficiency

The turbocharged four-cylinder engine is very much same as other cars of the series have under their bonnets. But the peculiar quality of this one is fuel efficiency and it is strikingly awesome.

There was a speed boosting option available and it injected quick acceleration to it. The company needs to ponder on the exterior of its cars too. With very few changes to the appearance, the models keep released in the market which makes them drab in a sense.

In this car, alloy wheels and front fog lights are two appealing features. Doors size can be a problem but no such complaint has been noticed as once you get in the car is quite comfortable. The convenience features of the car do not allow you to think of the shortcomings more often.


How safe BMW 116i is?

The 1-Series scored 15.45 out of 16 in the balance crash test. The traveller compartment detained its formproperly. There was a slight danger of severe chest damage for the driver and a minor danger of leg damage for the travellers. The carlogged 15.88 out of 16 in the side effect crash experiment. There was a slight danger of severe chest and stomach area damage for the driver. Anadditional two points were got in the pole test.

Body area scores 4 out of each each: Head 4 pts andstomach area 4 pts while chest 3.88 pts and pelvis 4 pts. The vehicle was qualified for a discretionary shaft affect test, since it had head-ensuring side airbags.

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