Punch Your Way Into Fitness: 5 Reasons Why Boxing Is The Best Workout

Looking for a workout that will help you shed weight and build lean muscle? Boxing is one of the best ways to get fit. You can burn 600 calories or more during a one-hour training session. And you don’t need to be a professional boxer to train like one and reap the benefits.

Read on to see if a boxing workout routine is right for you.


If you really want to lose weight, cardio is unavoidable.

Many people cringe at the thought of this heart-pounding activity. Running and spinning can get redundant but boxing is an exhilarating way to get a complete cardio workout.

Boxing engages enough of your body to get you to a cardio state but you are doing different moves and thinking about what comes next so it doesn’t turn into a time to zone out or count the minutes.

This version of cardio will move quickly and be over before you know it. The striking, punching and pad work exercises are enough to get those calories burning.

Full Body

Boxing has the benefit of engaging your entire upper and lower body, so you’re getting a full body workout in one.

With most workouts like running, spinning, pilates, or weight training, you are working out muscle groups separately.

This usually means you have to wait longer and work harder to get results all over because you haven’t targeted all the areas you want after one workout.

A boxing workout will leave you sore all over so you know your lower and upper body were fully engaged.

Don’t Bulk

Because boxing is primarily cardio-based and doesn’t use weights to train, you aren’t going to bulk up or get bigger.

You’re going to shed pounds, trim your waistline and create lean, toned muscle.

This will be especially true if you combine this workout with a proper diet. You’ll start to see results after just a few sessions because of how hard your body will be working.

Resistance Training

If you want to incorporate more weights to your boxing training, you certainly can. While competitive boxing doesn’t typically use this, many gyms and boxing classes will offer a weights section.

These will usually be lighter weights that are used while still moving, to keep your heart rate up and the fat burning.

Have Fun

Most importantly, boxing is fun.

It’s important to pick a workout that engages your mind as well as your body if you’re going to stick with it and keep coming back.

With any workout, consistency is the key to seeing results and if you’re having fun while exercising you’re more likely to keep up the regiment.

Whether you take a class or try one-on-one training at a gym like Society Boxing & Fitness, you can find a fun and fulfilling boxing workout that leaves you feeling great.

Start Your Boxing Workout Routine Today

With the information above, you have a great idea of why this sport is so good for you and you can begin your boxing workout routine today.

You’ll start to see results quickly with this workout and enjoy yourself while doing it.

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