Quick And Easy Clean Eating Shortcuts

Clean Eating Shortcuts

You were working last night, and then woke up late; this left no time to prepare a healthy breakfast. A hectic day at the office compiled left you mentally and physically exhausted; all you want to do now is to retire to the bed. We all face such scenarios now and then. Fortunately, a few shortcuts in the kitchen can make all the difference. Shortcuts like processed and canned food items are an option but can’t be relied on every day. Plus they are not healthy.

Check out the quicker, easier eating shortcuts compiled just for you in this article.

Use The Leftovers

Some people do fret over the idea of consuming leftovers. However, one must understand that these are far better than processed or canned food items. It is not easy to cook thrice every day; it leaves one with no energy to rest and enjoy life. By using leftovers, one saves money as well as removes waste. Preparing meals from leftovers save you from spending hours in the kitchen and also won’t tire you. All you require is to know how to make use of the parts of the meals with some intelligence.

Alternatively, you can freeze the food and eat the leftovers the next day. This is far better than eating frozen food available in the market. You don’t know when it was made, but with your cooked food, you know when. Isn’t it better? Think about it.

Cook Only Once, Eat Multiple Times

Does this sound like you are going to eat the same food again? Then read further. Cook a food item, for instance, roast a chicken once a week. The leftover can be used to make a variety of items like fried rice, chicken pies, pasta bakes, quesadillas and more.

Isn’t it wonderful? Roast two chickens. Serve one the same day (weekend) and keep the other for weekdays. Use it for preparing week night meals or breakfast delights.

The same thought can be extended to lamb, pork, and beef. Roast a bigger one or get an additional just to use it in different types of dishes. These can be served with crusty rolls for a light dinner. Rice is another item which can be used for the purpose. Cook it once and then use it for making arancini balls, fried rice, bakes, casseroles, bakes, stuffed capsicum and more. The same technique can be applied to vegetables. Roast a batch, store in glassware and eat it – a creamy vegetable soup or veggie bowl.

Slow Cooker

Those who haven’t bought a slow cooker yet, must think of it now. Make it a part of your everyday cooking. It is the best thing invented ever for all the new and working mothers who can have a sigh of relief. The bonus is that the food cooked in slow cooker is fresh, healthy and delicious. You can prepare anything from roasts to soups to stews. No more than 10 minutes are needed for cooking in it. Just spend a little time and get sorted with the dinner preparation.

When there is no time for preparation in the morning, make it happen a night before. Just add it to the cooker in the morning and forget the dinner woes. Those who are new to cooking in a slow cooker can check out the countless recipes available on the internet for inspiration.

Freeze The Veggies

Frozen vegetables are unhealthy is a myth. Forget whosoever told you this. Frozen vegetables bring a dose of freshness to your table with unseasonable veggies making the cut too. When there is no time left for the preparation and no pre-prepared veggies available, take the frozen ones and them into small cubes. Small cooks faster and saves time and energy.

It is suggested that you buy a bag of mixed veggies and get yourself a variety of nutritional supplements on your plate. Remember, there are a few veggies which do not require removal of skin. These include carrots, sweet potatoes, and more. Just roast them with the skin on. Serve it in your style.

One tip: Kale, chard and spinach take much less time in cooking.

Mix & Match

Does this sound like a medley? Well, it is. Spare yourself the hassle of cooking anything fancy during the week. It consumes time and you are tired too.

Pick up one of the best. Use millet, buckwheat, wheatberries to prepare a delicious pudding by cooking them in coconut milk on low heat. Maple syrup and fruits can add the extra punch. When tired, go for eggs irrespective of whether it is the first or last meal of the day. You can add cheese and beans or vegetables and you are sorted with the meal preparation.

Give your tiring body some relief with stir frying. Take the leftover vegetables, a protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat (coconut oil). To make it a little more interesting, use herbs bad spices. It offers a nice break from the regular meals.

The Internet Inspiration

Why remain stuck to the regular meals. Take a break. This doesn’t imply ordering food from a restaurant. You need not make that expenditure. Just check the internet for some inspiration. The evening time spent on surfing social media can be utilized for looking for some quick, clean recipe inspiration. Type in the ingredients available with you and look for quick recipes. Now the bonus is that your taste buds get to eat something different every day.

There are a lot of recipes that can be prepared in less than 20 minutes. And you don’t need to be a good cook for this. Basic know-how of cooking is sufficient. A few examples include smoothies, pancakes, and sandwiches. Look for other healthy options too. Also when you prepare fresh, you eat healthily and look great too.

Try it. Not just your family but your tummy too will love it.

Summing Up

Quick and easy clean eating shortcuts are the best way to save all the hassles associated with when you are tired or are in no mood to cook. This article is a guidebook. Use it and make healthy quick, clean eating meals.

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