Building A Better Home: How To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

6 Rules for Buying a House Any Home Buyer Needs to Follow

Currently, over 30% of households say that they struggle to make their energy payments every month. If you’re among them, then you’ve likely wondered how to make your home more energy efficient. Doing so certainly helps you to lower your bills. However, it’s also an excellent way to reduce your home’s overall environmental impact. Saving money and the planet at the same time? We’re sure that sounds like a great idea to you. The wonderful truth is that learning how to be energy efficient is much easier than you might think.…

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6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch To LED Lighting

6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to LED Lighting

Some businesses today still use fluorescent lights or metal halide lamps to light up their premises. They continue to use these lighting fixtures since they have grown used to paying large amounts in wasted utility costs as well as with maintenance. Most of these business owners are unaware that the traditional lighting fixtures they use can contribute to over 25 per cent of their total monthly energy consumption. If you own a business and you haven’t upgraded your lighting fixtures just yet, you should consider switching to LED lights as…

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