Tips For Painting The Exterior Of Your House

Painting The Exterior Of Your House

A DIY paint job can transform the looks of your house within a few days, and it also helps you save money. It saves you money that other people spend on professional painters. The thin layer of paint is enough to protect your valuable investment from the sun, wind, rain and other weather conditions.

The professional painters are expensive and charge you heavily for quality services. Moreover, you need to pay the taxes on materials and services. Painting the house yourself can make a difference in the cost. All you need is some skills and knowledge to paint your home correctly.

This post shares some easy steps to paint the exterior of your house. Anyone can use these tips to paint their house themselves to save money.

Wash The Walls

Washing the walls is the first step to paint a house. The walls need a thorough scrubbing to remove the old paint before doing a fresh colour. Washing removes the dust particle and paint residues that keep the new coat of layer from adhering correctly. You can use a garden hose and a pressure pump to wash the walls gently. Don’t use the pressure washer on windows, glass and light fixtures.

Scraping The Walls

Tips for Painting the Exterior of your House

The pressure water does not remove some scraps of the old paint. You need to scrap those pieces of colour to remove them from the walls. Scraping is essential for the new paint to adhere accurately to the surface of the walls. Use a wall scraper to scrape the old paint from the walls and make the surface smooth for the new colour.

Repair Damaged Surfaces

Identify the damaged surfaces while scraping the walls. You will find many holes, cracks and other damages on your walls and wood fixtures.  Use an epoxy filler to fill the cracks and holes using a spackle knife. Once the epoxy filler dries, lightly sand it using a grit sand block. Use two-step epoxies to fill the wrong spots and deep cracks.

Caulk Trims

In case there are gaps between the house and the trim around doors, fill them up using exterior caulk and a caulk gun. If your home is made of mixed materials like bricks and siding, apply the caulk along surfaces where different materials are meeting.

Prime The Stains

Examine the surface of your outer a walls for any wood knots and blemishes. If you find any visible stains, then apply a coat of the stain block primer using a tiny paint brush.

Cover The Door Windows & Fixtures

Before you start painting the walls, you need to cover the windows, doors and electrical fixtures to save them from the paint sprays. Examine the periphery of your building to check what needs to be covered and what needs protection from the paint. Cover all such things with newspapers of a plastic sheet for protection.

Painting The Walls

Decide which paint you want to use on the walls. There are a variety of acrylic paints available in the markets. They don’t harden with time and comply with the air quality regulations of countries. You need to decide how to paint the walls, which tools to use and what things to cover that may damage from the paint.

Most of the painting services in Sydney use paint rollers and sprays to paint the walls. However, you can choose the method that suits you and feels convenient. If you want to use rollers, you can put the paint in a bucket and start painting from the top of the walls. If you want to paint using a gun, then load the paint in the spray gun.

Painting Technique

Always start painting from the top as you can cover any dripping along the surface of the wall. Apply one or two layers of the paint depending on the intensity of colour you need. Pint from top to bottom in a smooth and controlled manner

Painting The Trims & Doors

After painting the walls, it’s time to paint the trims and doors. Remove the cover sheet from the doors, windows and electric fixtures. Paint the doors and windows with an exterior semi-gloss paint using a paintbrush. Using a roller or spray gun is not appropriate for trims and fixtures as they can spread beyond the required area.

Final Words

These are some basic tips to paint the exterior of a house. You can consult a professional painter for help. There are many painting services in Sydney, whom you can contact for help. However, doing some research and gaining some knowledge about the paints and techniques will help you to paint your house with perfection. Painting your house can take some time, but can save a lot of money. However, you need to take care of the safety and use proper accessories while painting at the top of the walls.

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