Explore the Top 5 Historical Places to Visit in Central India


When archaeologists and history lovers are asked about a place in India with a rich cultural past, Central India is what comes up as a prompt answer. The central region of India is home to various historical palaces, forts, temples and cities dating back to the 8th century. If you are one of the enthusiastic explorers of architect and history, do have a look at the list of these historical places to visit in Central India.

The erotic sculptures of Khajuraho

To top the list is the most popular Khajuraho that attracts thousands of tourists from across the world every year. It constitutes a group of temples with indescribable carving, erotic sculptures and architectural beauty. With the splendid carvings and historical background, the monument has secured a place in the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. It is popular for the Western Group of Temples in the complex most of which were constructed during the period from 900 AD to 1050 AD.

khajuraho temple

Best time to explore: July – March

Top attractions: Khajuraho Dance Festival, temple complex and the light & sound show

Nearest Airport: Khajuraho

The awe-striking beauty of Gwalior Fort

Gwalior, in Madhya Pradesh state of India, is regarded as one of the most ancient cities ruled by different emperors in the history. The historic city is known for its royal sculptures, religious temples and beautiful structures. While you explore the majestic Gwalior Fort and the temples and forts within the complex, do not forget to go for bird watching at the Chambal River. The fort stands on a 3km long plateau and is built of sandstone. When exploring this famous monument in Central Indiabook cheap flight tickets from U.S.A to India IndianEagle Website, see the beautiful work of architecture on the walls of TelikaMandir, a temple dedicated to the Hindu deity, Lord Vishnu. It is the oldest surviving structure of the fort.

Best time to explore: November to March

Top attractions: Jai Vilas Palace, SwarnaRekha River, Saas-Bahu Temple, ShahastrabahukaMandir and others.

Nearest Airport: Gwalior

The Land of Rani Lakshmibai – Jhansi

Amongst the several historical lands in India, Jhansi is the most popular as it was here that the first independence was fought in 1857 against the British. The historical Jhansi Fort is a blend of three different architectural styles – Jain, Indo-Islamic and Rajputana. To enter the fort, one needs to cross ten gates spread all through the city’s outer edge. Rani Lakshmibai, one of the heroic freedom fighter and queen in the Indian history attained martyrdom in the city. This is one-of-a-kind tourist place in Central India that is a treat to the eyes of history freaks.

Jhansi Fort

Best time to explore: October – March

Top Attractions: Jhansi Fort, Jhansi Museum, Rani Mahal, Maharaja GangadharRaokiChatri, Mahalakshmi Temple

Nearest Airport: Gwalior

Sanchi – A Buddhist Pilgrimage

Sanchi is the oldest stone city in the country which makes it one of the most important historical places in Central India. Located in Madhya Pradesh, Sanchi is famous for the Buddhist stupa, built by Emperor Ashoka and Japanese Buddhists as part of the Peace Pagoda Mission in 3rd Century BC. The popular pilgrimage is another UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Best time to explore: July – March

Top Attractions: Sanchi Stupa, Gupta Temples, Ashoka Pillar, The Great Bowl, Udayagiri Caves, Archaeological Museum and some more

Nearest Airport: Bhopal

The Hidden Gem of India – Orchha

Considered amongst the top 10 10 places to visit in Central India, Orchha is a beautiful city reflecting the majestic layers of the medieval architecture in its infrastructure. Along with exploring the history of the medieval marvels, you can also enjoy rafting and boating in the Orchha River. A one hour rafting people will give you the required adrenaline rush in the waters.

If shopping handicrafts and exotic accessories excites you, Orchha is a place you can explore. There are items made of gemstones, beads, and handicrafts that you can buy as a memory of the historical place in Central India.


Best time to explore: October – March

Top Attractions: Chhatris, Raja Mahal, Betwa River, Jahangir Mahal and others

Nearest Airport: Khajuraho

If you have that curiosity to explore the rich and splendid architectures of the past and want to get closer to the historical background of India, you should add these historical places to visit in Central India to your bucket list.

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