Top Trending Hairstyles For Girls This Year

Hairstyles For Girls

Hairstyles make a very important part of your personality as they define your look and draw eyes towards you. Even though we see men are quite conscious about their haircuts and styles, they really can’t match the consciousness of women towards their hair. They try all sorts of stuff from growing their hair long to cutting them short and styling it in all the different ways possible. However, we see hairstyle trends changing every season and new hairstyles taking the place of those which used to be popular earlier. The same stands true this time around as well because we have some new trends to follow in girls hairstyles this year. Listed below are some of the popular hairstyles for girls that have become a trend in 2018. Let’s take a look.

1. Short On Sides With Long Top

When styling our hair this year, go for a combination of short and long hair to make a unique statement. This cool hairstyle requires you to cut the hair short – almost ½ to ¼ inches in length – on a side and the back. However, the hair on top is left long enough to fall over. Style it in a retro wavy look to achieve a perfect hairstyle to flaunt.

2. Sleek Medium Hairstyle

Healthy hair is the latest trend and this hairstyle is a perfect example that follows the newest trend. The hairstyle requires you to get your hair cut to medium length and it is then styled into a perfect shag look. The shine of the hair is enhanced further with natural-looking, minimal highlights throughout the layer on top. Trim the ends of your hair regularly while responsibly using the hair color for ensuring that it looks the best most of the times.

Top Trending Hairstyles For Girls This Year

3. Wavy Bob Hairstyle With Highlights

This beautiful hairstyle is about sporting a couple of flirty hairstyle trends together as it uses balayage hair-coloring technique for the strands and rocking the lob with some loose waves. The waves can be achieved by wrapping 1” hair sections around a medium-sized curling iron and then you can tousle it all up using your fingers as well as spritzing it into place with a light-hold spray.

Top Trending Hairstyles For Girls This Year

4. Short-To-Long Bob Hairstyle

This hairstyle is achieved by upgrading and developing from a typical bob hairstyle. The hairdo involves some layers and is achieved by keeping the hair towards the back a bit on the shorter side while increasing the length in the layers as you move towards the forehead. The layer on the front can be given some highlights to achieve a look that is extremely attractive.

Top Trending Hairstyles For Girls This Year

5. Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle With Highlights

Now, this is a perfect look to go for if you have straight and fine hair to deal with. This beautiful LOB hairstyle is not just cute but can be styled quite easily as well. The hairstyle is achieved by creating a bit longer angle at the front and beveling it as it turns under towards the ends. A light-hold styling spray can be used before blow drying it using a big round brush for creating the sleek look. Subtle highlights around your face will definitely brighten up your flawless complexion.

Top Trending Hairstyles For Girls This Year

6. A-Line LOB With Braid

When it comes to special occasions such as a wedding, concert, formal dances, and after-school parties, this is hairstyle is the latest trend for girls. All you need to do is to equip your otherwise simple A-line Bob hairdo or any other hairstyle for that matter, with a beautiful waterfall braid to spruce up the look. You can make it to look even graceful by highlighting the hair or trying the popular balayage coloring technique

7. Short & Wavy Shag Hairstyle

Heavily layering the short hairstyles actually makes them look perfect and it’s a cool change to embrace after you have styled overly-thick hair for some time. The hair is chopped off going straight across towards the bottom, however, it’s slightly longer and angled towards the front. It starts layering just around the cheekbone to add some shape to the hairstyle overall. The bangs are left longer and they nicely blend into a side.

Top Trending Hairstyles For Girls This Year

8. Prom-Ready Updo

It’s a perfect hairstyle to wear on a prom night. If you’re interested in drawing all eyes to you and making yourself look stunning, this is the hairstyle that will allow you to grab everyone’s attention in the very first look. The hairstyle is achieved by braiding one side and neatly pinning it at the nape of the neck.

9. Short Braided Up Hairstyle

This is a cool hairstyle to achieve for brides as it presents an amazing look overall. The hairstyle can be achieved by heavily braiding the hair from a side and making it go swirling around the head to another side. The hairstyle allows you to flaunt the extra hair volume you have got.

10. Bob Hairstyle With Shaved Sides

If you look at it first, the hairstyle looks similar to a typical bob hairstyle that we see girls wearing every day. However, a closer look at it reveals that cool shaven temple which gives a perfect contrasting punk-rock element to the hairstyle. The hairstyle is just perfect for school, work and even for events like concerts.

So, if you are interested in finding out the best hairstyles for girls this year, the above list would give you a fair bit of idea as to what’s hot this season. Similarly, if you want to explore what’s trending, pay a visit to Mr. Kids Haircuts and you will see a lot of new hairstyles and haircuts for girls that they can flaunt this year.

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