What ISA Work Method Statement And Why Are They Used In Construction?

Safe work method statements are basically a set form of documents or template that outlines the high-risk construction work activity that has been performing at the workplace. At the present time, keep all the information on papers has become next to impossible as it creates a hurdle. This set format improves the security of your construction project and protects it from any unwanted activity and control risk.  The Content of a Safe Work Method Statement template can remove unwanted elements from tasks at a time and consist of a consultation with workers and other persons.

What isa work Method Statement and Why Are They Used in Construction?

Purchasing a Safe Work Method Statement template is a smart move for your business. It let you keep your data and bring transparency to all the business transactions. There are lots of SWMS template available as per your business needs and the nature of your domain.  It provides you the well-designed documents that promote your work security and ensures your long term growth prospects. These templates will let you encounter any kind of fraud activity, measure risk, avoid the last minute rush and provide you shelter from many mischievous acts at your workplace.

How Important Safe Work Method Statement Template To Use In Construction Site?

Using Safe work method statement template in Construction, you can expect the successful completion of your construction projects. Constructing a site, road any other project is indeed a hectic task to perform there are lots of activity, small things that you have to keep in mind. Through Safe work method statements, you can be more precise and accurate at your construction tasks as they let you finish your tasks systematically and with all the cautions.

What isa work Method Statement and Why Are They Used in Construction?

One wrong move in the entire construction procedure can later come as disasters. So to avoid the on-site hazard as well as the future loss, SWMS provides you the complete safety and security even to prevent the unpredictable activity. At the time of delivering quality work and leaving your customer’s happy can impact your progress in a positive manner. Construction sites can be dangerous that there are lots of tasks performs without any professionals helps. By detecting all the future losses and risk involved it may be helpful in many ways. So opting, SWMS promotes your work security and gives you the exceptional way of working.

List Of Safe Work Method Statements Category

Construction includes lots of different work and each activity has its own contribution to a site. Despite this fact, SWMS has also many different categories which have templates as per the need of the tasks. If we basically point out the SWMS for construction sites then here is the list of the category in which these Templates are available:

  • Carpentry SWMS
  • Civil / Road Works SWMS
  • Painting SWMS
  • Plasterers SWMS
  • Plumbing SWMS
  • Roofing SWMS
  • Shop-Fitting SWMS
  • Solar SWMS
  • Swimming Pool SWMS
  • Tiling SWMS
  • Working at Heights
  • Concreting SWMS
  • Construction SWMS
  • Earthmoving SWMS
  • Electrical SWMS
  • Engineering SWMS
  • Flooring SWMS
  • Glazier SWMS
  • Handyman SWMS
  • Joinery SWMS

What isa work Method Statement and Why Are They Used in Construction?


When One Should Use SWMS Templates?

This question arises on everyone’s mind, which are using these templates for the very first time. So, to clear your minds a bit more here are some of the points that will help you to understand when you can use it:

  • At the time of detecting any risk of falling people from more than two meters.
  • There is any risk of drowning water and other liquids.
  • At the site, where there is a chance of movement of powered mobile plant.
  • In order to prevent a collapse in any constructional site.
  • In the presence of artificial extremes of temperature.
  • If there is any energized electrical installations or services nearby.
  • The construction site is near about gas distribution mains or piping.
  • If you are processing the construction procedure at confined space.
  • If you are near chemical, fuel or refrigerant lines.
  • Involving removal or likely disturbance of asbestos.
  • In a site which may have a contaminated or flammable atmosphere.
  • If you are experimenting with the use of explosives.

SWMS Works by measuring the areas and their risk possibility. It makes you aware of all the future losses that may occur at the time of working in any construction sites. This is the biggest benefits that it provides to its users especially for people, who are working at construction sites. Usually, site products consist of the massive risk which is dangerous for the workers as well as the investors. So, if you are willing to avoid it and give quality works then using such templates can be helpful for you in many ways.

What isa work Method Statement and Why Are They Used in Construction?


What Information Ought To Be Included In An SWMS?

A precise template depends on the requirements of the workplace and its business risk. In the case of construction projects, there is higher is of hazards. Thus, the documents should be designed and consist of the following major information.

  1. It works as risk managers. Thus, the information should be like:
  2. Thoroughly identify high-risk construction work.
  3. Specify the list of Hazards related to the construction work and the risks to health and safety.
  4. Explain the risk of measure that must be implemented in order to control risk.
  5. It should descript the ways to monitored and review the tasks to be implemented to control risk.
  6. It must be short, focused and easy to understand, in order to implement the task that should be taken in order to control measures for carrying out to improve safety.
  7. The language should be easy to understand by the workers even for people who are from non-English speaking backgrounds.

What isa work Method Statement and Why Are They Used in Construction?



Thus, opting SWMS Templates can be beneficial for you in many ways. It has positive impacts and leads to good works only.  Luckily, bluesafe online has a complete solution to execute your work in the best possible manner. It lets you potentially showcase your ability without facing any misfortune.  With the help of talented experts, each every template as thoroughly designed just as per your business requirements. The primary objective is to deliver the maximum customers satisfaction with quality and flawless work.

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